Rajab Conference 1432 Hijria by Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia

Bringing the slogan “Prosperous life under the khilafah islamiyyah “, Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia will hold Rajab Conference to be held in various major cities in Indonesia.

The conference will be held in order to recall the significant of khilafah islamiyyah, an Islamic political system, to replace the system of life that has been damaged for Indonesia in particular and the world at large to realize a better life, prosperous and blessed Allah SWT.

The series of programs such as open forums and dialogues; scholars, businessmen, intellectual and student forums; training, workshops, studies and discussions, video and radio streaming, and others.

For more information, please to follow updates on
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hidupsejahteradibawahnaungankhilafah
Twitter : @ismailyusanto
Website : http://www.hizbut-tahrir.or.id

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